MTM is also the Partner and Ally to foreigners and residents/Non-residents in Morocco, to carry out all operations of a personal nature. Whatever the type of problems encountered in your home or stay in Morocco. MTM still has the right solution for you. MTM is there to lend you any assistance and support required.

MTM will take the necessary steps with the relevant authorities and public and private organizations to assist and support, and to make your residence or stay. It is best placed to seek and achieve rapid and timely solutions, saving you the trouble of wasting your time or ruin your holiday by trying to solve the accumulated problems encountered during your absence or during your stay in Morocco.

Similarly, MTM can handle the ongoing management of your business and personal needs. MTM will proceed with the establishment of subscription contracts relating to various services, namely:

  • The steps taken to obtain the permit or certificate of registration;
  • Payment of rent, internet and telephone bills and water and electricity charges as well as solving problems related thereto;
  • The travel arrangements and hotel booking, tickets or boat;
  • The recommendation to other service providers such as doctors, lawyers, notaries, architects, etc …;
  • The advice on topics or other topics of interest etc …

MTM  devote all his energy, and deploy all their energy and expertise in this field to meet your expectations, for our ultimate goal is not just to live up to your expectations; more, we express great interest to succeed beyond your expectations.


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