MTM advises and accompanies its customers during all phases of management of their business and project. It makes available to them its know-how and professional skills in the field of advice and accompaniment. MTM provides a service adapted to the specific needs of its clients in terms of council tax, council financial & accounting officer, the holding and supervision of the accounting and taxation as well as other forms of advice:

Legal Advice & Taxes

conseil juridique et fiscal

Taxation is one of the main concerns of any business because “managing its taxation is managing its finances.” MTM is committed to providing adequate “fiscal management” for your business.

This with the purpose of achieving a fiscal management based on sound premises.

Our Approach:

  • Tax diagnosis of the state of your place of business is essential to assess the strengths and weaknesses;
  • Assess the control risk due to reporting requirements;
  • Identification and correction of tax risks (IS Patente, VAT and other taxes)
  • Identify the abnormal acts of management.
  • Assistance in cases of tax audit

Financing & Accounting Advice: 

Conseil financier et Comptabilé

To enable your business to align with international standards, MTM will assist you in the implementation of IFRS / IAS standards, ensuring change management and efficiency, as well as staff training.
To ensure the quality and safety of your accounting and financial information, we provide you with our expert information system to provide the most appropriate solutions for your organization (master plan, application, structure, etc.)

Keeping and Supervision of Accounting/Taxation:

Tenue et supervision de la  Comptabilité & Fiscalité

MTM  has the status of fiduciary specializing in the field of accounting work, administrative, financial and tax according to IFRS. Our service allows you to outsource the bookkeeping safely, while staying focused on the heart of your business.

Our Services:

  • Holding of general accounting and analysis;
  • The preparation of financial statements (Analysis of results);
  • The payroll System;
  • Tax returns (VAT, IS, balance sheet, statement 9421, IR, etc.);
  • The social statement (CNSS, IR, bulletin countries and payroll, etc.);
  • Declaration of dividend distribution in accordance with the agreements between Morocco and other countries to avoid double taxation for foreign investors.

Conseils et Accompagnements